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Starving Foodies has been built because there is a great need in the foodie environment to have a resource that provides in-depth analysis to the best and most unique restaurants and eateries. We are striving to be the top online resource for this community and provide the most competitive discounts and deals for our customers. Customers will have access to aggressive discounts for each restaurant listed on our site as well as insight to the best menu choices for each restaurant they visit. Thus ensuring that every experience they have is enjoyable and exciting.

Starving Foodies will also allow customers to navigate through a large directory of our top recommended restaurants. All of the restaurants listed will be exclusive and will only be allowed listing based on how many positive reviews they receive after each customer finishes their visit and reviews. Restaurants can pay a small listing fee in order to be listed but first must undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure they are appropriate for Starving Foodies. Each restaurant must provide a discount of a minimum of 50% to Starving Foodie customers. We will also have mini tutorials showing our experience at restaurants we visit. In addition, customers can also buy products or click on ads that they might be interested in.

The ultimate goal of Starving foodies is to be the superior online resource for all things foodie related (culture, food, events, etc)

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